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The Stairs Collab

2008-02-28 23:10:19 by RatherCheesy

The Sequel to the Hill Collab is now in progress, it has the same general idea as the hill collab but this time its stairs instead of a hill.

The "Aw Crap, I'm Falling Down The Stairs" Collab

Make an animation of a black stick figure falling to his death down some stairs. Your stick can fall for any reason or he could start already falling down the hill. The stairs can be any length you want. It can have a rail or without a rail. Background or no background, its up to you! But you must follow the following rules


FLASH ONLY [sorry pivot/easytoon people]

If you are using Flash CS3 please make the file compatible with Flash 8. Otherwise I can not open your entry. [NO AS 3.0]

I DO NOT CARE HOW LONG YOUR ENTRY IS! The number one reason people did not submit something last time was because people were trying to make their animations long and awesome. It does not have to be long and awesome. I would happy to accept any entry you send me!


If you can not animate at 24 FPS animate at12 FPS then add an extra non-keyframe in between them.

Dimensions: 550 x 300

No set background if you can draw one please do so. It makes it look nicer. But it is NOT required.

SIGN YOUR ANIMATION IN THE UPPER RIGHT HAND CORNER! Your text must be broken apart into a fill. Because chances are my computer will not have the font you use. To do this highlight your text and press CTRL+B Twice or until it becomes a fill.

The victim must be black stick figure please.

FULLBODY IS ALLOWED! But you character must be a black silhouette. In order to make them look similar to the sticks.

Name you symbols *yourname**symbolname* [B]THIS INCLUDES TWEENS![/B] I would name mine cheesystairs or cheesybody

Name your fla file *yourname*staircollab.fla I would name mine cheesystaircollab.fla

When you have completed your entry host it on and PM me the entry. If you post the entry here, then your entry will not be used.

You [B]DO NOT[/B] have to send me an example of your work to join. If your entry is not up to scratch but meets the other requirements your entry will still be used, but not in the main animation. it will be used like the unused entries in the hill collab.


SPP Username - Newgrounds Username- = Has not submitted anything
$ = Has submitted one or more entries
? = Might submit something, unsure if they can or not.
X = Dropped Out

- Rather Cheesy

Total Newgrounds Entries in main animation: 0
Total Newgrounds Entries in unused section: 0
Total Newgrounds Entries received: 0

Please keep in mind I am on more often on SPP than I am here, so please be patient when waiting for replies.

Leave a Comment if you want to join!


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2008-02-28 23:42:19

what would i do with stairs?


2008-02-28 23:44:49

i just saw that hill collab just now


2008-02-28 23:47:53

what is with me and comentin before looking, i just saw stickpage forum, i dont have an account on the so can i just join here or..?

RatherCheesy responds:

I have edited my first post so people can join here. Feel free to join!


2008-03-02 10:30:52

Im in.

RatherCheesy responds:

You're from SPP, so join there...

lol =P


2008-03-07 18:44:32

I would like to take part... but... mm... stickmen....... aren't other possibilities?

RatherCheesy responds:

Well you may do fullbody but they must be completely black, in order to make them look similar to the sticks. Because if it goes from sticks to a fullbody with color the audience would get distracted.